New England radio veteran doubles down in Las Vegas


Jeffrey Shapiro has a ton of radio experience, mostly earned in the Northeast portion of the US, and along with partner Kimberly Hogan, he will soon be bringing it to bear on a pair of AM stations in Las Vegas NV – KLAV-AM and KRLV-AM.

The duo has formed a new company called Hemisphere Media LLC to own and operate the stations. Their previously existing business is Draycott Capital Partners LLC.

They are acquiring the stations from Burken Broadcasting LLC, a company which entered into a credit agreement with Draycott. Resolution of the agreement, along with a payment of $18K, will make up Burken’s compensation package.

In addition to the broadcast stations, Hemisphere will acquire internet station from Burken.

In the contract, the parties stress that Hemisphere will operate independently of Draycott, calling Hemisphere the “sole and exclusive owner” of the broadcast properties.

Shapiro currently has an interest in one New Hampshire station that is part of the Vox Media Group, and another seven (five in New Hampshire, two in Vermont) owned by Great Eastern Radio.

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