New John King show launches Monday on CNN


CNN launches “John King, USA” Monday at 7:00 pm ET as its new weeknight show that is billed as featuring “informative, hard-hitting and, even, fun political news and conversation.”

“Every night, John will pull back the curtain on Washington, cut through the partisan noise, and get to the bottom of stories that affect everyday Americans.  Expect an unconventional set and an inviting place to visit each day whether it’s afternoon on the West coast, early evening in the mountains, or dinner time in the East,” the network promises. 
Here are descriptions of some of the new show’s segments:
Wall-to-Wall – Every night, John will use his “co-anchor” the Magic Wall as a window on America – a way to connect the country and see what is going on outside the beltway. With the help of special guests and new technology, John once again will get behind the numbers to humanize today’s current events. 
The Pulse – In John King, USA, the focus will not be on left versus right. Instead, it will be all over the map with the headlines that will reveal the political pulse of the nation with the help of our provocative focus group. Plus, John will empty his notebook to highlight the headlines that you need to know.
Make Your Case – On Monday of every week, John will ask Americans to “Make Your Case” on a current hot topic. Every Friday, the show will spotlight the most thought-provoking submission from the everyman pundits living among us—as well as include a “Make Your Case” from movers-and-shakers in Washington, political analysts or other well-known figures.
“You can expect to see all this, plus one-on-one news-making interviews, up-to-the-minute news from correspondents on the scene, segments from across the country every week and insight from an anchor who is and always will be a reporter first,” CNN said in hyping the new show.