New legal beagles to the fore?


Under the Bush administration, attorneys who belonged to the Federalist Society enjoyed the ear of the administration, as well as employment opportunities in many cases. However, in Washington, there is an equal and opposite for just about any conceivable situation, and in this case, it’s the American Constitution Society. While the Federalist Society espoused conservative and libertarian views, ACS has progressive and humanitarian leanings. Many ACS affiliates are already at work in the Obama transition team, up to and including Eric H. Holder Jr., Obama’s nominee for Attorney General.

RBR/TVBR observation: Just to underscore the frequently bipartisan nature of communications issues in Washington, there is one member of ACS who is already a go-to attorney on behalf of broadcasters: Harvard professor Laurence H. Tribe, who is about as effective a defender of broadcast First Amendment rights as one could hope for.