New Life Given To Silent Tennessee AM


Travel south of Nashville along U.S. 43 and you’ll reach the small town of Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.

It is here that a silent AM radio station is heading to a new owner, and it is the lone deal of the day in the Weekend Edition of RBR+TVBR‘s TRANSACTIONS TODAY.

Licensed for 1kw during daylight hours and 169 watts at night from 1 tower is WXRQ-AM 1160.

Until recently, this station has been offering “The Power Gospel” to reverent listeners. Then, it was taken dark under an STA.

Now, WXRQ is being sold by New Life Broadcasting to Greg Combs and his Providential Broadcasting.

It’s a $10,000 transaction, with $9,000 financed by Combs. A Promissory Note has been struck that sees Combs make monthly payments of $394.84 for two years at 5% interest.

New Life is led by Tim Paul, and both Paul and Combs are Mt. Pleasant residents.

Combs has no other broadcast interests.