New LPFM ramps up in Oklahoma


Broadcast TowerA new FM is coming to Welch, OK. Voice of Welch Communications, Inc. (VOW) has been granted a CP to build a LPFM station serving the Welch and Bluejacket areas of the state. This is a very isolated town, with the closest fairly big city being Joplin, MO—65 miles east.

“Providing radio service to my hometown area has long been a dream of mine,” VOW president, Tyson Wynn told the Miami News-Record. “Since first working at Vinita’s KITO during high school, I have been in love with the medium of radio and its ability to provide immediate coverage of local news and events. I’m also thrilled that LPFM is designed to be a very local operation. ‘Welchkins,’ including Welch school students, will have the opportunity to learn the craft of radio. Dave Boyd trained me and put me on the air at KITO when I was 16 years old, and we’re going to give another generation of young people that same opportunity.”

Wynn has operated a local news and information website,, since 2009.

“With many commercial radio stations being bought up by large corporate owners, many communities have absolutely no localism on their radio dial. Miami is fortunate to be served by KVIS/KGLC,” Wynn told the paper. “Unfortunately, KITO in Vinita is now just a repeater for the Sports Animal in Tulsa. In all honesty, Welchkins could have a tornado bearing down on them and no one on the radio dial would have any information for them. We aim to change that.

The CP awarded to VOW allows 18 months to build the station and become operational. LPFM stations must be owned by non-profit organizations or government entities. VOW is an Oklahoma non-profit and is in the process of becoming a federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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