New: ‘Make It or Break It.’ Kaylie’s world crumbles


Kaylie’s world crumbles around her in an all-new episode of ‘Make It or Break It.’

With the National Committee seeing red over Sasha’s Chinese Invitational, the pressure is on for The Rock gymnasts, in “The Only Thing We Have To Fear…,” an all-new episode of “Make It or Break It,” premiering on ABC Family on Monday, March 1 (9:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT). 

After an intensive lock-in at the gym, the girls are feeling stronger than ever. But when the National Committee and MJ start putting pressure on Kaylie not to compete, things start to fall apart.

Should she stand by her team and risk ruining her career or pull out and keep the Committee happy? Since the one person she usually turns to for advice is M.I.A. – Kaylie is on her own.

Meanwhile, Emily must land her new vault if she has any chance of proving she has what it takes to stay at The Rock.

But even with help from Payson, will drama with Damon side track her focus?

“Make It or Break It” stars Chelsea Hobbs, Ayla Kell, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo, Zachary Burr Abel, Peri Gilpin, Candace Cameron Bure and Susan Ward. 

(source: ABC Family)