New novela to debut Tuesday on Univision


The new primetime novela “Una Familia Con Suerte” (A Fortunate Family) is set to make its US debut October 4th on Univision (8 pm ET/PT). It is described as “a delightful story about a strange encounter and a stroke of luck that drastically changes the lives of a poor family and a wealthy crowd.”

The Televisa-produced novela was first shown earlier this year in Mexico.

Una Familia Con Suerte features a star-studded cast including actors Mayrin Villanueva, Alicia Machado, Luz Elena González, Daniela Castro and Arath de la Torre, among others. Written by Mario Schajris and Adriana Lorenzón, and produced by the acclaimed Juan Osorio, comes a comedy about family values, love, friendship, loyalty, hope and perseverance that will win the hearts of all its viewers.
Una Familia Con Suerte begins with bitter disappointment, an act of desperation and a timely rescue that is rewarded. Fernanda Peñaloza is the wealthy owner of an important cosmetics business, but her riches seem useless to her after receiving news about her terminal illness. More painful still was discovering that her nephew and trusted business partner Vicente Irabién, is happily and anxiously awaiting her death to inherit her money and take her place as president of the company.
Devastated, Fernanda decides she wants to commit suicide, but a modest truck driver Fernando (Pancho) López intervenes and saves her life, adding an unexpected twist of fate. After taking her in to his humble home and introducing Fernanda to his family, touched by their kindness she makes a decision that will forever change their lives. The López family moves into the mansion and Pancho becomes the president of Fernanda’s cosmetics company. Fernanda assigns the lovely Rebeca Treviño to be his consultant and although at first she reluctantly accepts, little does she know that her new assignment would lead to true love.
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