New online automotive dealership


Super-serving advertisers while gaining a foothold in local online dollars: CC Radio announced the launch of their new online consumer/dealer automotive solution,, the first local automotive lead generation website launched by a radio group. Consumer get quick and easy access to shop and gather information among the thousands of vehicles that are listed. The site also features an easy way for them to market their own vehicles through the site’s "For Sale by Owner" application. Local DFW Automotive Dealers will enjoy the ability to list their entire new and pre-owned inventory complete with pix and detailed vehicle info but most importantly, will benefit from the local lead generation the site is designed to produce.

Said Donnie Campbell, AE, Clear Channel Dallas. "The automotive marketing model has changed dramatically over the last few years with the shift of advertising budgets moving to on-line and on-line lead generation websites. Clear Channel Dallas recognizes this trend and wanted to provide a lead generation website for our automotive clients that is supported by our local radio stations."

The site will be promoted through the five CC Radio stations in the Dallas/Ft Worth market. Combined, the stations reach a potential car buying audience of over 1.8 million people weekly. Each station will also highlight DFWAutoplex on their respective websites and out at station events. The CC Dallas Radio group includes KHKS, KDMX, KDGE, KZPS and KEGL.

| Features of |
Quicklinks – Designed with the consumer in mind, Quicklinks will provide a quick and easy way to search for vehicles by dealers, price range, FSBO, mileage, make and model.
For Sale By Owner – Consumers will be able to sell their vehicle by owner targeting buyers within their geographical area reaching thousands of potential buyers.
Resource Center – will offer the consumer vehicle information and resources at the click of the mouse.