New Orleans to launch new national campaign


Via Dentsu America NY, New Orleans tourism promoters are preparing to launch a pitch to a national audience on 5/6, with television and digital, including Pandora, and a new Internet site designed around the theme, “Follow Your NOLA,” appealing to travelers who prefer open-ended exploration of their destinations. The $4 million campaign will run through August, said The Times-Picayune.

The New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp. unveils a new promotional strategy about every three years. Past campaigns include “You’re Different Here,” inviting visitors to express their livelier sides in New Orleans, “Come Out and Play in New Orleans,” and a campaign that proposed New Orleans’ historic ambience as a closer alternative to visiting Europe.

The “Follow Your NOLA” campaign will include advertising on network and cable in cities where residents are likely to fly to New Orleans: Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Nashville, Milwaukee and Tampa. It will include advertising in national online outlets, such as Travel + Leisure magazine, Food & Wine, Pandora and the Buzzfeed aggregator of viral web content and news. Tourism officials are hoping this latest campaign generates 459 million views.

The campaign will include online advertising in local news websites and other outlets — but not television — for people in cities within driving distance: Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Houston, Lafayette, Jackson, Lake Charles, Memphis, Mobile, Montgomery, Panama City and Shreveport.

At the same time, a choose-your-own-adventure website will roll out, with a fleur de-lis spinning wheel letting readers select different aspects of the city, such as “Follow Your Flavor,” “Follow Your Rhythm,” a “Follow Your Fun” option that focuses on seasonal events, and more.

See the Times-Picayune story here.