New owner coming to Philly-area daytimer


SoldWFYL-AM, a day-timer serving part of the Philadelphia market from its base in King of Prussia PA, is being sold, completing the withdrawal of seller Alexander Langer from the great state of Pennsylvania.

The buyer is Trinity Associates Broadcasting LLC, headed by Alan and Susan Loch.

The price will be $262.5K cash.

WFYL is a Class D on 1180 kHz with 1 kW-D, ND. It serves the northeastern part of the market, with only minimal main-contour coverage of the actual city of Philadelphia.

It uses a Talk format, with a local morning show followed by syndicated talent, most notably Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham.

A little less than two years back, Langer sold his WPYT-AM Wilkinsburg, serving the Pittsburgh market, to Radio Power Inc. for $290K. That particular sale gained some notoriety in that the station was used to fill the Urban radio gap left when the local WAMO franchise was sold to a non-commercial religious group.

Filed 12/15/10 and sold to Tim Martz’s Radio Power Inc., it replaced an earlier $490K deal with local VIP Eddie Edwards that fell through due to health issues on Edwards’ part.

Langer remains active in the Boston area and has a CP for a station in Florida.