New owner coming to Sebring FL LPTV


Rehoboth Beach Communications has a deal to sell its low power TV outlet serving Sebring, a community in the central part of the Florida peninsula. It marks the second LPTV deal there in a matter of months, making the town one of America’s veritable hotbeds of LPTV transaction activity.

The station is WGPS-LP, currently broadcasting on the endangered Channel 51 – on the wrong side of the spectrum wall, in the portion the FCC is trying to turn over to wireless broadband interests.

But not to worry – the 51 operation is an analog station. WGPS holds a CP to construct its digital facility on Channel 38.

The buyer is Bella Spectra Corporation, headed by Kristina Bruni. The price will be $16.5K cash.

A deal for WHRT-LP Sebring was filed with the FCC on 10/6/11. That station went from Trianon Broadcasting Company Inc. to Victoria L. Sparks, with IP Solutions International LLC in the middle of an deal with an extra layer. Simply, IP filed to acquire the station, and assigned the deal on the same terms to Sparks.

The price for WHRT is up to $35K, $20K of which was in the form of debt assumption. The $20K is the ceiling of what will be assumed, and may have turned out to be less.

Sebring is centered between the state’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts and is considered part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota DMA.