New owners grab the wheel at Toledo Class A TV


Jesse Weatherby and partners are now at the helm of WMNT-CA in Toledo OH, and are looking to upgrade its programming. Despite years of financial instability, the station is fortunate enough to be a low power outlet with cable carriage.

The Toledo Blade reports that Weatherby’s Community Broadcast Group Inc. is the new owner. It arrives at that legal distinction with plenty of familiarity with the station it now controls – it has been LMAing it since 12/24/08.

According to documents filed with the FCC, the purchase price was $1.00. That was after the Matrix Broadcast Group, a subsidiary of Cornerstone Church, paid over $900K for it back in 2006, according to the Blade. Cornerstone, which also sold its radio holdings a few years back, says that overall it profited from its time in the broadcasting business.

The Blade says the station is carried on Buckeye CableSystem, and brings an assortment of comedy and drama reruns to Toledo television viewers.

According to the Blade, Weatherby is a media professional. His primary partner is Rev. Jerry Jones, who is a minister and business consultant, and once sold advertising for the newspaper.