New PPM Monitors Coming


NielsenNielsen Audio plans to start shipping new PPM encoding monitors to clients at the end of this month.

With the new multi-channel monitors, stations will be able to more efficiently monitor the status of PPM Critical Band Encoding Technology codes.

“The monitor includes a new web interface that provides deeper insights about your station’s current encoding status. It also includes information about encoding performance with new minute-level encodability and detectability graphs and reports,” Nielsen said in a client report shared with RBR+TVBR.

The monitor reports the presence of the code, strength, and frequency and displays the information in graphical form on a Web-based interface; the data can be downloaded for more analysis, according to the audience research firm.

Station personnel will be able to monitor up to four independent PPM-encoded stations per device.

Every PPM station is eligible for a new monitor which the audience research firm is providing at no charge.

Steps stations need to take to receive the new units will be shared soon.