New Radio Heard Here spots available


Radio Heard Here — the comprehensive, multiplatform, multiyear campaign formed by a partnership between the NAB, RAB and HD Digital Radio Alliance – has released eight new radio spots. Designed to air across all radio station formats, the spots underscore radio’s ubiquitous role in our everyday lives.

The creative — including two original Spanish language spots that emphasize radio’s strong bond with the Hispanic community — will reach more than 700 FM HD stations and over 900 FM/AM stations across the country. The spots are available for download at as well as

The ads “Moving Business” and the Spanish language “Every Dollar” speak to the campaign’s efforts to engage the advertising community in dialogue about radio’s continued relevance and value. The copy focuses specifically on the message that radio is a cost-effective medium for advertisers.

Also available are Caitlin Crosby spots from the campaign’s “New Music” series. The series is a collection of interviews featuring new artists expressing their affinity for radio — both for its power to connect them with a nationwide audience and their personal experiences discovering new music on the radio. Crosby’s first album, Flawz, debuts this spring on Blackledge Music.