New radio stock joins the RBR-TVBR list


Light Media Holdings is not exactly a new company, but it only recently acquired its first radio station, WZBN-FM Camilla, GA, in the Albany market. The company is a penny stock outfit that trades on the pink sheets as LGMH.

Light Media displaces Debut Broadcasting as the smallest company on our stock list. It had revenues of $21,405 in Q2, but only had the radio station contributing anything for a few days in June as the quarter wrapped up. WZBN is now called “Power 105.5…The King,” playing what the company calls an “enlightening and uplifting eclectic mix of Holy Hip Hop and Contemporary Gospel music.”

Aside from radio, Light Media CEO Danny Wilson told us the company has related businesses all in the general area of “inspirational urban” music. It has a record label, delivers advertising to a network of more than 80 websites and owns 10% of a music publication. WZBN is the company’s first broadcast station, but Wilson has his sights set on expanding in radio.

Here’s how the company describes itself: “Light Media Holdings, Inc. (OTC: LGMH) via its radio, digital, video and special events asset platforms and alliance partners, specializes in broadcasting, marketing, promotion and distribution of inspirational media content and services worldwide.” The company website has some more background information.

While Light Media has a small stock float and isn’t required to make quarterly SEC filings, it does report quarterly financials to an online OTC market information site for small cap investors. Like a couple of other small float issues in our chart the stock doesn’t trade every day, but RBR-TVBR will be tracking it and reporting on the company’s quarterly results.