New release underscores futility of overzealous indecency rules


A new work of art in the song category is being released in three forms – an audio recording, a video and a ring-tone, and it’s being released on the internet. It could very well wind up on broadcast facilities somewhere. And we suspect the name of the piece, on the theme of the time-wasters average citizens encounter on a regular basis, is liable to get some language watchdogs hopping mad. It’s called “Clocksuckers.”

The song’s creator, a farmer who goes by the name eDavid, says that “Clocksuckers” is “an anthem to anyone who’s ever had their time wasted by red tape, corporate bureaucracy, answering machines, form-filling, or inane processes.”

“I’m just a farmer,” said eDavid. “I’ve never really aspired to be a songwriter or performer. ‘Clocksuckers’ was the result of me getting fed up with the people and processes that waste my time on a daily basis. It came to life during a late-night campfire sing with some friends.”

RBR-TVBR observation: One of the reasons for supporting freedom of speech is simply that it is futile not to. Writers, comedians and radio personalities have long been able to work around certain banned or frowned-upon words. The double-entendre wasn’t invented yesterday. And there is no way on this planet to legislate or regulate around the creativity of those who choose to say their piece, regardless of which words have been taken out of play by the language nannies.