New service for indie musicians to send music digitally to stations


Yangaroo, a digital media distribution company, announced the launch of DMDSDirect, a new service that allows the independent North American music community greater access to digital delivery of music.  The service will initially be available to member artists and labels of independent aggregators Indie911, I2R, Indie Pool, and The Manitoba Country Music Association located in both the US and Canada.

DMDS Direct allows the independent aggregators and their tens of thousands of member artists and labels to digitally distribute their radio singles and promotional materials in the same manner utilized by major labels.  DMDSDirect users will be able to choose a package of key stations in a given radio format or genre, pay by credit card, and have their music distributed digitally to radio stations throughout the US and Canada.

Yangaroo says the number of deliveries made by US record labels via its Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) increased by 266% over 2006, to 1.3 million in 2007.