New serviced helps radio build digital assets


BracketsLogoGaming is coming to radio as a result of a collaboration between Envision Networks and RadioTrak called Majority Rules Brackets. It promotes interaction between a station and its audience and builds digital traffic.

The primary games are called Battle of the Bands and Smash and Trash. They allow a station to set up a listener-participation contest and sit back while it runs itself.

President/CEO Hal Fish said, “This is an idea that grew from my own experience as a Program Director setting up and administering tournament brackets manually. With Majority Rules® Brackets you can literally set it and forget it. Tournaments update automatically based on your parameters and listener input.”

“Battle of the Bands and Smash and Trash has finally gone mobile for today’s radio listener,” said President and CEO of Envision Networks Danno Wolkoff. “Majority Rules Brackets allows interactive participation in ‘bracket-style’ tournaments via mobile devices anywhere and at any time.”

According to MRB, it is truly a democratic application. The audience itself is free to set up contests – it suggested voting on a favorite pizza hangout or beer, but it could be anything.

The main thing it offers stations is sponsorship sales opportunities.

It can be accessed via the internet or on mobile devices.


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