New Texarkana group expands


SoldA little over a week back, Texarkana Radio Center filed to acquire a two-AM, three-FM radio cluster – and now it has another deal that will bring another FM into the group. The station is KTTY-FM, licensed to New Boston TX.

Texarkana is headed by E. Roy Paschal, Jason Paschal, Richard J. Burns and Sharon Burns. Roy Paschal is a principal of Alaska Broadcast Communications, and has numerous radio holdings in that state.

The seller of KTTY is Towers Investment Trust LLC, headed by William H. Brothers. According to bill Whitley of Media Services Group, Brothers has additional radio holdings in Texas, North Carolina and Arizona.

The price for KTTY will be $150K cash. The Class A is currently listed by the FCC as licensed but silent. It has 4.3 kW @ 387’, producing a contour that serves an area to the west of the market and failing to blanket Texarkana.

On 11/23/12, TRC filed to acquire the five-station cluster owned by Donald T. Jack Jr., mostly under the name Ark-La-Tex Broadcasting. That cluster came for $2.75M. So the KTTY deal will bring TRC’s investment in Texarkana stations up to $2.9M.

Here are the stations acquired by TRC in the earlier deal.
* KTOY-FM is a Class A Urban outlet on 104.7 MHz with 3.1 kW @ 453’
* KBYB-FM is an Adult Hits Class C2 on 101.7 MHz with 50 kW @ 492’
* KTFS-FM is a News Talk Class A on 107.1 MHz with 2.9 kW @ 479’
* KCMC-AM is a Class B Sports outlet on 740 kHz with 1 kW, DA1
* KTFS-AM is a Class D on 940 kHz with 2.5 kW-D, 11 W-N, ND that is listed by the FCC as licensed but silent