Here Comes A New TV Measurement Index


605, a data and analytics company focused on the media and entertainment industries, announced Wednesday that it has launched The 605 Impact Index, which measures the impact of TV advertising on both branding and sales.

“It’s no secret that the legacy TV measurement system has not kept pace with modern-day marketing demands,” said Ben Tatta, co-founder and president of 605. “Although recent developments in the field of TV attribution are a move in the right direction, most of these solutions focus on sales attribution only. These ‘bottom-funnel’ methods fail to capture the enormous impact TV delivers in terms of brand awareness, perception and favorability. After years of conducting full-funnel attribution, 605 developed the Impact Index as a turn-key solution for measuring the total impact of TV advertising in a scientific, yet easy-to-implement way.”

The metrics are organized into two distinct categories based on campaign objectives, including:
•Brand Impact Metrics, which are designed to measure the “upper” and “mid-funnel” impact, including brand awareness, brand perception, brand favorability, and net promoter score (NPS);
•Sales Impact Metrics, which are designed to measure the “bottom funnel” impact, including ad engagement, ad response, sales conversion and conversion lift.”

605 is releasing findings from its Brand Impact Study with findings featuring GEICO, Nissan, and Samsung.