New website brings sellers, buyers together


People in the market to buy a radio or television station now have a place online to start their shopping. provides a central storage house for sellers post listings, whether they are a media broker or an owner handling the sale unassisted.

“It is ironic that although broadcasters are in the business of communication, they often fail at getting the word out to suitable potential buyers when attempting to sell,” states Sandi Usrey Bergman, President of “Now is a great time to invest in broadcast properties. It is a buyer’s market, making it an uphill battle for the seller. To assist sellers in their efforts, and to streamline the process for buyers, we created RadioTVDeals. This easy-to-use online marketplace presents stations for sale or lease to a larger number of prospective buyers, thereby increasing the seller’s chances of signing a deal.”

The website contains a list of states – simply click on the state you’re scouting and see what’s available.
Bergman notes that confidentiality is a key for sellers sending out feelers – seeing if anybody might be interested in purchasing their station – most would prefer not to send ripples of uncertainty among members of the staff during this early phase of a possible transaction.

“We fully understand concerns about discretion and have taken steps to assure confidentiality,” said Bergman.
The seller has complete control what is in the listing, as long as the state and station type is listed. Sellers can also indicate finance options they’d consider (including seller paper) or whether they’d consider an LMA instead of a straight sale.

“The response has exceeded our expectations,” noted Bergman. “We’re doing something that is good for the industry. We are helping current and prospective broadcasters achieve their goals concerning ownership, and that is something that we are proud of.”