New Yamaha HD Radio receivers


Yamaha unveiled a new line of digital home theater receivers. Integrated among the line of five models (RX-V863, 105Wx7, MSRP $999.95; RX-V663, 95Wx7, MRSP 549.95; RX-V563, 90Wx7, MSRP 449.95; RX-V463, 105Wx5, MSRP 349.95; and RX-V363, 100Wx5, MSRP 229.95) are features such as 1080p-compatible HDMI switching, wireless Bluetooth audio playback and iPod-compatibility, XM and Sirius Satellite Radio compatibility, four system-configuring SCENE modes and improved CINEMA DSP Technology.

At the top of the new line, the RX-V863 and RX-V663 support the newest Blu-ray HD audio surround sound formats, such as the "lossy" Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio formats and "lossless" Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio formats. The RX-V863 enhances analog video and upscales 480i or 480p content to full HD (1080p) and has 1080p-compatible HDMI 1.3 with 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output.

The other four units in the line also have 1080p-compatible HDMI with 2 HDMI inputs and one output. The RX-V663 digitally upconverts analog video to HDMI, and de-interlaces analog video from 480i to 480p, offering improved picture quality and a seamless single cable solution to a TV monitor.