"New Year's Rotten Eve"…


A Note to America’s TV Networks…

My wife and I clicked through the channels on New Year’s Eve trying to find a holiday program worth watching. Our efforts proved to be futile.

Somehow we just couldn’t find any entertainment value in “J Lo” provocatively scampering around the stage in her clown suit trying to imitate a dancer. So, we switched channels and were equally let down by the juvenile, disgusting, performance by Rihanna, who pranced around groping her crotch and screeching out unintelligible lyrics as she, unsuccessfully, tried to imitate a professional singer.

A big waste of time. How did we go from Guy Lombardo to this worthless crap in one generation?

Maybe we’re just getting old, but I don’t think so…I’m 45 and my wife is 42. You’d have to have an IQ lower than those numbers to have been entertained by that garbage.

We finally settled on a Time – Life Record infomercial…the music was better, and they actually had grown-ups hosting it!

Come on guys…you can do A LOT better.

— Roger Lonnquist
Registered Investment Adviser
President & Network Manager
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