New York’s Dick Shepard passes


Dick Shepard, an unforgettable classy New York broadcast personality from years ago, is gone. He was 90. Strongly associated with WNEW, he also had stints are WABC, WMGM and WPAT.

Shepard’s great friend Bob Gibson shared his story with RBR-TVBR:

Better known to his legion of listeners on WNEW at different times in the 50s, 60s and 70s as Shepard Richard A, Dick passed away Monday at age 90 after being hospitalized in south Florida for almost a week.  His wife of nearly 65 years, Judy, told me he was taken to JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, Florida on Tuesday, October 9th after complaining of not feeling well.

Shep, who also worked at WABC Radio, before the Top 40 era, as an air personality in the late 50s and  during part of 1960, appeared as a commercial, on-camera announcer on some ABC Television game shows in the early 50s, and was a busy voice-over talent  during parts of his five decades in New York.  Shep also did air work at WMGM and WPAT…   

Among his hobbies was flying, having had a pilot’s license for many years.  He especially enjoyed flying with his longtime, fellow broadcaster Joel Crager, who passed away two years ago at age 82. 

Dick and I just got together to belatedly celebrate his 90th birthday early last month.  We had a elightful time and Shep, who was a master storyteller on and off the air, was again in rare form during our lunch.

Besides his widow, Judy, Dick is survived by two sons and four grandchildren.

Funeral services were held TODAY in south Florida, where Dick Shepard will be buried.

His smooth, conversational style and good humor will be sorely missed!


  1. Dick Shepard and Judy wwere friends from all of our eary married days. Just read about Dick, who was indeed a classy guy and who told great stories way, way back then… I would like to get in touch with Judy Shepard. Our only mutual firends have passed on too, so I hoped that you could put me in touch with her. Thanks for reading this and perhaps helping. Lila Carol

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