Newsmax TV expands with BroadView


newsmax-logoNewsmax Broadcasting, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Newsmax Media, has adopted BroadView Software’s suite of media management systems as the foundation of its television and video operations.

With BroadView, Newsmax TV is prepared to expand its television presence through advancing innovation in multiplatform media delivery.

Now, it is set to engage in a new phase of expansion, adding television distributed online, over-the-air and via satellite, cable and telecoms. Managing diverse media platforms via traditional means is complicated and time-consuming. BroadView seamlessly integrates across platforms allowing Newsmax to add new platforms and opportunities without significantly increasing operating costs.

“‘TV Anywhere’ is here and soon Newsmax TV will be accessible to hundreds of millions of Americans via computers, smart devices, smart TVs, and every form of television imaginable,” said Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy. “Getting the right management technology infrastructure is crucial to our future, and BroadView is the clear choice.”

“Providing the technology to drive Newsmax’s innovative operation is the realization of the cross-platform vision that has guided BroadView for the past decade,” said Michael Atkin, BroadView Founding Partner and President. “The market has been defined by broadcast solutions adapted for multiplatform. We started out creating our suite of solutions with the fully-integrated, multiplatform future in mind.  We are a great ‘fit’ for Newsmax because we have shared the same vision for today’s emerging media model long before it came into sight.”

Atkin added that the greatest challenge for most traditional broadcast management systems is handling a wide variety of schedules for content delivery across different platforms.  BroadView’s true multiplatform design simplifies the task, vastly reducing staff time investment and cost of errors associated with redundant manual tasks. BroadView’s ability to handle cross-platform rights management also provides Newsmax with scalability to meet future growth and technology needs.