Newswomen gathering to assess global employment picture


The International Women’s Media Foundation and the George Washington University Global Media Institute are hosting female journalism executives from around the world and releasing four-day conference is scheduled for March 22-25, 2011.

The session will convene in various Washington DC venues, including George Washington University, the National Press Club and the Newseum.

The report to be released is based on a study of over 500 news organizations based in 59 different nations.
Two prominent American executives, National Public Radio President and CEO Vivian Schiller and NBC Vice President of News Alexandra Wallace, are scheduled to be among the participants. Other executives will be coming from places like China, Argentina and South Africa.

IWMF’s Executive Director Liza Gross explained, “These women media leaders have the power to change the environment in newsrooms when they return to their countries. By bringing them together and drafting a platform for action plan, this conference could provide a roadmap for change. Our global report will shine the light on countries where women don’t have an equal voice in the newsroom.”

“From content and news literacy to delivery methods and business models, the role of women in meeting the challenges of media has never been more important,” added GW’s Michael Freedman. A successful transformation of journalism and media in the 21st century requires leadership that understands and appreciates the role of a free press in a democracy and the courage necessary to report truth, particularly in repressed societies. The International Women’s Media Foundation is leading the effort to level the playing field globally so our best minds can guide our newsrooms and boardrooms well into the future. We look forward to a substantive, insightful conference.”

RBR-TVBR observation: NPR’s Schiller is in the less-than-desirable position of being able to deliver a lecture on the topic of how to cover the news when your organization IS the news.