NewVision gets stations once removed from Emmis


The Montecito Broadcast Group is the proud owner of Emmis Communications television stations in four markets, but won't be for much longer. It has struck an agreement to resell the group to Jason Elkin's New Vision Television LLC. The stations are in Portland OR, Honolulu HI, Wichita KS and Topeka KS. The list includes CBS KOIN-TV in Portland; Fox/CW KHON-TV and satellites KHAW-TV & KAII-TV in Honolulu; NBC KSNW-TV and satellites KSNC-TV, KSNG-TV & KSNK-TV in Wichita; and NBC KSNT-TV in Topeka KS. Elkin said the stations are all strong performers, and he's had his eye on them for some time.

"We were interested in these stations when they were first offered by Emmis in 2005 and feel fortunate to have had the chance to now acquire them from Montecito." The price tag on the deal was not immediately disclosed. According to documents filed with the FCC, Montecito paid 259M for them in a deal filed 10/7/05.