Next FCC meeting a little less broadcast-silent than usual


The big issues on the broadcast side of the FCC job description will get at least another month to percolate – it comes as no surprise whatsoever on the Quadrennial Review front, since its delay has already been announced. But radio will get a mention in one of the FCC’s two upcoming agenda items.

That will come in the context of the FCC’s dealings with Native Americans. In its annual report on the topic, it will detail its efforts to adequately serve that segment of the population across the FCC sphere of responsibility, and that will include a look at radio broadcasting.

From the FCC, here’s what’s on the table for the March meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, 3/20/13.

* Improving 9-1-1 Reliability NPRM: The Commission will consider a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to improve the reliability of 9-1-1 service nationwide based on the recommendations contained in the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau’s January 2013 report on the impact of the Derecho storm.

* Office of Native Affairs and Policy Annual Report: The Office of Native Affairs and Policy will present a report on the Commission’s work with Tribal Nations and Native communities in 2012, highlighting regulatory and Tribal consultation efforts, and providing examples of projects expanding the reach of voice, broadband, and radio broadcast services.