Next-Generation Successors Comes For Ferrofish’s A32 Series


Five years ago, Ferrofish launched its A32 Series, a set of flexible AD/DA and format converters that quickly became one of the most popular converters in their class. Now, the German pro-audio manufacturer has brought to market its next generation equipment with the release of the A32pro and A32pro Dante.

The two new converters also feature a newly-designed black finish, an updated, intuitive front panel with remote control options, plus GPIO options for redundancy and DSP expansion. This, Ferrofish says, makes the products ideal for recording applications using long cable runs in live audio, broadcast or location-based recording.

“By combining high analog channel-counts with extensive digital I/O and powerful signal routing — alongside options for redundancy and future upgrade paths — Ferrofish’s A32pro Series sets a new standard in high-quality with reliable signal conversation and distribution for modern recording studios, live audio playback systems and broadcast audio facilities,” the company boasts.

Ferrofish continues, “With its wealth of I/O choices, the new A32pro Series can also operate as a highly flexible digital audio format converter and signal router. Audio signals can be freely converted between all analog and digital formats while being simultaneously routed to multiple destinations in blocks of 8 channels, allowing for use in a wide range of professional audio applications. Multiple Ferrofish units can be connected in series to provide an incredible number of audio channels in a comparatively minimal amount of rack-space as redundant power supplies ensure the reliability necessary for ‘mission-critical’ applications.”

Beyond a highly intuitive four-screen multitouch user interface, the converters feature an illuminated touch sensitive high-res encoder.