Next wave of HD Radio: 2008 North American International Auto Show


Hot off its presence at CES, HD Radio rolls into Detroit and the 2008 North American International Auto Show next week. The show will once again be host to the most talked about automotive in-vehicle digital entertainment of 2007: HD Radio.

On Wednesday, January 16 and Thursday, January 17, 12 brand ambassadors, also known as the “street team,” will be walking around town promoting HD Radio technology to the “industry insiders” from 10am-4pm. These ambassadors, dressed head to toe in orange gear, will also be handing out 20,000 HD Radio lanyards and VIP badges with a featured Detroit landing page and JVC product giveaways. Find these walking HD Radio ads on the streets and on the Detroit People Mover.

HD Radio will also be hitting the streets of Detroit with five mobile billboards featuring new HD Radio units with night illumination and spreading the message “Are You Fully Equipped?”, which will drive around each day of the Auto Show from 8:30am thru 10pm on January 19-21 and 26-27.