NextMedia signs with Arbitron for three new markets


Next MediaNextMedia has signed a multi-year contract for Arbitron’s Diary radio ratings services in three new markets: Canton, OH; Greenville-New Burn-Jacksonville, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC.  Competitor Eastlan Ratings does not offer services in these markets as of yet. NextMedia also signed a multi-year renewal for Arbitron’s PPM ratings service in Chicago and San Jose.

“Arbitron’s PPM and diary ratings are the standard industry currency for the radio buy-sell process. NextMedia’s continued commitment to using our services, and the addition of three diary markets, is a testament to the value our data provides to radio broadcasters,” said Sean Creamer, President and Chief Executive Officer, Arbitron Inc.

“Radio continues to be a vibrant medium that reaches consumers at a very local level.  Subscribing to Arbitron’s radio ratings services gives NextMedia the opportunity to demonstrate radio’s continued strength to our current and potential advertisers,” said Jim Donahoe, President and CEO, NextMedia Group.