NextRadio continues robust growth pattern


Next Radio HTC OneThe numbers continue to grow for FM on cell – in two weeks, the service has attracted thousands of new downloads and listening hours while roping in hundreds of new accessed radio stations. And the service is also bringing home a good consumer report card.

Here are the latest key metrics:

* 75,000 app downloads, up from 61,000 two weeks ago
* 5,100 FM stations accessed, up from 4,700 two weeks ago
* 33,000 hours of NextRadio listening, up from 24,000 two weeks ago
* 4.4 Google Play Store user rating, out of a possible 5.0

TagStation is keeping track of the service’s development, and notes that the app retention rate remains very satisfactory at 83%. However, that is not unexpected, and it is planning to introduce better metrics as the data pool grows.

And it is expecting better metrics, as more stations strengthen content to take full advantage of NextRadio’s capabilities, and as listener awareness increases.

Speaking to the Good Play Store ratings, TagStation stated, “Reviews matter. They tell us with an unbiased vigor what we’re doing right and what we can be doing better. Being able to boast a 4.4 out of 5 user rating in the Google Play Store has been an indispensable hinge on the door to decision-making for our partners in the industry.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Let us simply share words of wisdom from today’s Executive Session guest, Jack Hobbs of SBS. He said it simply and elegantly: “Jeff Smulyan’s plan with radio in cell, is an incredible opportunity for broadcasters to ‘get in the pocket’ of listeners.” Simply put, this is the best thing to happen to radio since the demise of the transistor radio. It’s time for everybody to get on board.


  1. I agree that Next Radio is a very good move for the industry, in fact, a growth area that must be pursued with more vigor. While being just on Sprint is not critical mass, the realities are that all of the big carriers and manufacturers need to be convinced to activiate the chip. With radio on the digital dashboard and the smartphone, listeners will have a hedge when they suddenly see their use plan charges skyrocket after listening to Pandora and Apple radio in the car for 2 hours a day and they get a whopping bill at the end of the month. It will be then that radio once again comes up big by delivering what they’ve always provided to the listener for free…..local radio. Time will prove it out.

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