NextRadio Push Intensifies


SmartphoneThree important broadcast industry organizations and prominent members of the media representation community are engaging in a full-court press to promote the wide-spread presence of FM on cell.

Joining NAB are RAB, NASBA, Katz Media Group, McGavren, Local Focus, and Regional Reps in spearheading the campaign.

At the center of the push is the use of PSAs promoting the service, which would be the biggest positive move toward ubiquitous personal access to over-the-air AM-FM since the demise of the transistor radio.

Consumers benefit by gaining access to the local entertainment and news/info programming of radio without the need to pay streaming fees.
More importantly, NextRadio turns smartphones into a lifeline dring times of emergency, providing critical information when cell phone service is typically flooded to the point of uselessness.

“This campaign is the fruition of leaders in the radio business working together to provide listeners with an exciting new broadcast radio experience that is dependable in times of emergency and provides the interactivity listeners seek,” said NAB President Gordon Smith in a letter to broadcasters encouraging support. “Please help us by uniting in this important effort to secure a bright future for radio.”

The Radio Advertising Bureau and National Alliance of State Broadcasting Associations have also urged their constituents to support this vital campaign. “Working together in support of radio on all platforms, we will have a stronger voice for radio and one that ensures our future and place in listeners’ lives,” wrote RAB President Erica Farber in a letter to her colleagues.

“An activated FM chip in every smartphone is our key to staying readily-available and connected with our communities,” said Michelle Vetterkind, President of NASBA. “The NextRadio platform is our key to future audience and advertiser growth with a renewed perception of what broadcast radio means.  Together, these initiatives create a vibrant listening and advertising ecosystem for the entire industry.”

“The most critical step is now telling the American public that this is available to them,” noted Jeff Smulyan, CEO of Emmis. “If our industry tells the American people that they can activate the FM Chip in every smartphone, we are certain that our industry will be dramatically revitalized.  It’s in our hands now, and we can succeed if we all work together.”