NFL Insider Jay Glazer on 'Peyton Manning' Stem Cell therapy


Glazer Reports on Peyton Manning’s Trip to Europe for Stem Cell Therapy Not Available in the US.  NFL Insider Jay Glazer reports that Peyton Manning traveled to Europe for therapy for his injury not available in the US: “I’ve learned that before his last surgery, Peyton Manning actually took a private jet out to Europe to get stem cell therapy.  It’s a therapy that is not yet approved in America just to take that extra step to try to get back and heal his neck. The therapy used in America is embryotic, that’s not what he had. What they did was take fat cells, probably out of his belly, put it in a culture and try to almost turn back the hands of time with these cells. They’re hoping that these cells are going to regenerate the area and the nerve in the neck.  Again Peyton Manning is just trying to do whatever he can to get back this year.”

Glazer also reported on security measures taken by the Falcons with Michael Vick returning tonight: “The Falcons are enlisting extra security and police to make sure there are no incidents between the pro-Vick and the anti-Vick fans that are going to show up.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson on Tony Romo: “When you blow that kind of lead, who’s going to get the blame?  The quarterback.  I believe Romo can lead this team to a championship, but not the way he played against the Jets last week. He’s such a freewheeler, an improviser, a style that makes him an exciting quarterback for three quarters, but he does not understand situational football. Romo scares me in the 4th quarter. I wouldn’t allow him to take five or seven-step drops when protecting a lead, tempting him to scramble or to improvise and exposing the lead to fumbles and interceptions. If I coached Romo, I really wouldn’t restrict his freewheeling style.  But if he started losing some leads, he’d be on the sideline for me.”

Analyst Howie Long added: “Tony Romo, from a talent standpoint, is an elite level quarterback.  The run at the goal line was erroneous and dumb, the throw at the end of the game – I don’t get it.  If you’re going to be an elite team and an elite quarterback, you can’t make those decisions at the end of the football game.  Was it a bad route?  Quite possibly.  But it was a horrible throw.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on which quarterback he would take – Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady: “I’m a guy all about the rings and I love Tom Brady.  Put Brady in Green Bay and they very well could go 16-0.  That’s how good he is.  Forget about the feet, his releases are quick and he’s smart as all get at.”

Lead game analyst Troy Aikman on what could prevent the Saints from winning another Super Bowl: “You would have to say defense.  You look at the last two times the Saints have taken the field, their defense hasn’t shown up.  Last week’s loss to the Packers is understandable.  The Green Bay Packers can create some matchup problems really for any defense in the NFL.  But going back to last season and that playoff loss to Seattle against a very bad offensive team, they did not play well at all.  There’s a lot of pressure on this Saints team to keep from going 0-2 here today.  I think there is even more pressure on Gregg Williams and this defensive unit.”

Analyst Howie Long on Donovan McNabb: “Time to start heading somewhere warm.  The dome doesn’t count.  I’m talking zip code.”

Analyst Michael Strahan on what he expects from the Lions today: “I would look for Matthew Stafford to have a big game with Calvin Johnson going against the Kansas City Chiefs now that they lost their safety Eric Berry for the rest of the year.  That’s one of the hardest things to coordinate is that back end and without him in the game, I think it opens up a lot for Detroit.”

Following a feature on Brian Urlacher, analyst Howie Long talks about what Urlacher’s presence means to the Bears: “The thing about Brian Urlacher, and I also think of a guy like Ray Lewis, they both define that position over the last ten years. They define the identity of their football teams, not just defense, but the football team.  Last week was a microcosm of who the Bears defense is.  If they’re going to have success in New Orleans, they’re going to have to force the same kinds of turnovers.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson on the Steelers stature after loss to Ravens: “They’re still an elite team, but they’re on the decline.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on the adjustments the Steelers will have to make: “The Steelers today are going to run a hurry-up offense and Ben Roethlisberger will have to carry this team for the rest of the year.”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on why Michael Vick is better in Philadelphia than he was in Atlanta: “He’s absolutely coached better. Andy Reid is phenomenal in taking a young quarterback and explaining to them how the offense runs.  And not to mention the fact he uses his strengths.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson on whether he thinks today’s Chargers-Patriots game is an AFC Championship Game preview: “Absolutely yes.  Baltimore and the Jets may disagree with me, but the difference is these two teams have the premier quarterbacks in the AFC.”

(source; FOX Sports)