NFL is back


The long national nightmare is over – players have agreed to terms with owners, and the NFL 2011 season is about to begin, with players reporting to training camp in a matter of hours. The agreement is for 10 long, beautiful, and we hope strife-free years.

Although the NFL rank and file had not yet ratified the agreement at the time of this writing, it was seen as a mere formality following approval by player representatives.

Owners approved the deal late last week by a 31-0 margin, with the Oakland Raiders declining to vote.
Teams will be able to start dealing with free agents and other normal business matters. Some camps will start opening Wednesday 7/27/11 and continue to do so throughout the week.

The players also need to reconstitute their union before the deal can become official.

There will be one casualty – the Hall of Fame Game, an exhibition traditionally held in Canton OH in coincidence with new player inductions, had to be cancelled.