NFL, players may be moving toward settlement


According to reports, the National Football League and the players it employs are getting much closer to an agreement. If the final details can be worked out, there may soon be an end to the league’s player lockout, and both side will be able to commence preparations for the 2011 season.

Blogging for Huffington Post, Andrew Brandt said that for some time, players have been discussing a new contract in terms of the bottom line winding up at a 50/50 revenue split for the duration of the contract.

Brandt said owners have been pushing for more of a 60/40 split with ownership naturally getting the bigger number.

However, the owners have moved much closer to the middle – Brandt says all the way to 52/48, and other reports suggest that the players may be willing to accept that since the overall revenue pie is expected to keep growing moving forward.

There would still be a number of issues to resolve. For one thing, Washington Post says players want a guarantee that teams will spend at least 90% of their allowable annual salary cap on player contracts, up from the current floor of 85%. There are other details to be worked out as well, including how much of player compensation goes to salaries and how much to benefits. The players also want a guarantee that their share of revenues will not dip below a certain point based on overall business conditions.

RBR-TVBR observation: It’s starting to look like broadcasters that rely on pro football for a significant portion of their programming and advertising revenue can start to breathe a little easier. But keep those fingers crossed!