NFL Sunday night: 'Packers at Falcons' a rematch show down


These two teams met in last year’s divisional playoff round when the Packers came into Atlanta and defeated the Falcons, 48-21, on their way to winning Super Bowl XLV.

Aaron Rodgers leads the 4-0 Green Bay Packers into Atlanta to take on the defending NFC South champion Falcons on Sunday Night Football.

In last week’s win against the Broncos, Rodgers became the first quarterback in NFL history to post 400 yards passing, four passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in a game.

Harrison: “The Falcons are very talented across the board, but Matt Ryan struggles throwing the ball down the field. He is not very effective in seven-step drops. He needs to drop back five steps. He doesn’t do a good job of recognizing where the blitzers are coming from. That’s a rookie mistake and he’s a veteran player. He shouldn’t have those problems.”

Michaels: “Aaron Rodgers is playing about as well as a quarterback can play.”
Collinsworth: “This is one of those seasons when you begin to say, ‘Can Rodgers be the next MVP?’

Collinsworth: “The Packers are on top of their game, scoring a lot of points. For the Falcons, this is one of those games where they would like to make amends for that playoff embarrassment from a season ago.”

Harrison: “Matt Ryan should not come out and feel pressure to match Aaron Rodgers score-for-score. They have to run the ball, take time of possession and work Tony Gonzalez against some of those safeties.”

Dungy: “For Atlanta to win this game they have to get back to their formula of last year; running Michael Turner, pounding the ball, and using Matt Ryan and his play-action game as a complementary weapon. They are not going to win a shootout against the Packers.

(source; NBC)