Niche TV net saddles up on mobile


TabletsRide Television Network is aimed at a relatively exclusive audience – horse enthusiasts – but the internet, and more specifically, KlowdTV, will help bring the network and audience together.

According to Ride TV, which launched in the beginning of October, one in 63 Americans are around horses on a daily basis, and the horse lifestyle market amounts to $102B annually.

“We are pleased that our channel is accessible anywhere in the U.S., through KlowdTV, allowing RIDE TV fans to watch their favorite shows on mobile devices or smart TV,” said Michael Fletcher, co-founder and CEO of Ride Television Network. “Additionally, we secured distribution with cable and Telco operators.”

The cable company is Armstrong, making the network available to residents of communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

KlowdTV streams programming to consumers via mobile devices, computers or television sets, and launched just recently in September.

“We couldn’t be happier to include RIDE TV in our channel lineup. Their content is truly one of a kind, and helps satisfy the growing demand for equestrian focused content,” said Bill O’Hara, CEO for KlowdTV. “RIDE TV is a perfect complement to our existing lineup of outdoor and equestrian channels, and is available to everyone with high speed Internet connection. With the first 30 days being free for all new subscribers, we expect a huge turnout for the new network.”