Nielsen 2019 Stock Incentive Plan Gets Shareholder OK


At the annual general meeting of shareholders of Nielsen Holdings plc, held Tuesday, company shareholders approved the Nielsen 2019 Stock Incentive Plan.

The number of shares of common stock of the Company that may be delivered pursuant to awards under the 2019 Plan is 7,200,000 shares plus the number of shares reserved for issuance under the Amended and Restated Nielsen 2010 Stock Incentive Plan as of the date of the Annual Meeting that exceed the number of shares then subject to outstanding
awards under the Prior Plan. In addition, any unissued shares underlying awards outstanding under the Prior Plan that, on or after May 21, 2019, expire or are canceled, forfeited or terminated will also become available for grant under the 2019 Plan.

In all seven proposals were considered by shareholders.

A total of 304,472,079 shares were represented at the Annual Meeting in person or by proxy, or 86% of the total shares entitled to vote.

The final voting results for each matter submitted to a vote of shareholders at the Annual Meeting are as follows: