Nielsen accused of dialing in ratings in India


NielsenAccording to a big lawsuit recently filed in New York City, an Indian news network says a Nielsen ratings partnership in India has been manipulating results and is seeking big bucks in damages, according to Hollywood Reporter.

New Delhi Television Limited says that backers of a partnership between Nielsen and Kantar Media Research known as Television Audience Measurement or TAM was formed in the first place to try to monopolize ratings in that nation.

And it alleges that as financial backers seek to exit the India television ratings business, they have been forcing TAM to operate for some eight years with inadequate funding, which in turn led to the alleged ratings manipulation.

Among the backers cited is Thomas Lee Partners, one of the equity groups that participated in the Clear Channel buyout.

No specific amount of damages were mentioned in the HR report, but it was said to involve “billions.”

Neilsen said it intended to honor its policy of making no public comment concerning legal matters.