Nielsen Adds VOD Content Ratings To ‘Media Impact Planning Solution’


Syndicated VOD Content Ratings from nine top networks, including those owned by Turner and Discovery, will be featured as “an enhancement” to a Nielsen tool that enables media planners to estimate the impact of their plans on audience reach, sales and brand equity before committing investment.

The video-on-demand content ratings are a key component of Nielsen’s Total Audience measurement framework, and they’ve been added to the Nielsen Media Impact tool.

According to Nielsen, deploying VOD viewership data into Nielsen’s planning software “creates a transparent, independent integration between measurement and planning, enabling more effective buying and selling of media.”

The dominant audience measurement company adds that its Media Impact tool offers media planners improved ways to serve client needs.

“With the addition of VOD Content Ratings in Nielsen Media Impact, subscribing clients will now be able to evaluate the VOD opportunity amongst participating networks and appropriately reallocate their media mix based on Nielsen’s broad range of advanced behavioral and purchase-based audience profiles, such as Nielsen MarketBreaks and Nielsen Homescan Segmentation, that go well beyond traditional age and gender metrics,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen VOD Content Ratings, launched in 2006, provides the same comparable metrics with the same set of rich characteristics as Live and time-shifted TV, enabling clients to do a direct analytical comparison to Linear TV that extends well beyond seven days.

“At Turner, we believe it’s critical as first movers to continue investing in deeper audience insights that prove valuable for both our company and partners,” said Turner Chief Research Officer Howard Shimmel. “This involves stepping forward to become one of the first media companies to use Nielsen VOD measurement to sell advertising and planning guarantees, and syndicating our VOD Content Ratings through NPower and Nielsen Media Impact as a way to effectively showcase valuable inventory to the industry. We know that VOD content is valuable, and attracts a different fan than linear TV. Having the ability through Nielsen Media Impact to illustrate the reach and impact of VOD schedules, alone and in combination with linear TV, is an important step.”



  1. Excellent article Howie… Far reaching compared to our days at Nielsen in the early 80’s…Kudos for being the first to use. George Brezny, GB & Partners….

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