Nielsen begins TV ratings in Puerto Rico


The Nielsen Company says it has begun the TV ratings service in Puerto Rico that it announced in December. In the interim period it also signed up several additional subscribers.

The island country’s three biggest television providers had been the original group of subscribers: Telemundo O&O WKAQ-TV; Univision O&O WLII-TV; and independent WAPA-TV, owned by InterMedia Partners. Nielsen announced Monday that it has also signed up Arteaga & Arteaga, Canal 13, Draft/FCB, EJE Sociedad Publicitaria, Starcom, and Kairos as subscribers.

TV ratings in Puerto Rico are being collected from a sample of 500 homes chosen through Nielsen’s rigorous random area probability sampling techniques to accurately represent all demographics and regions of the island of Puerto Rico, Nielsen said.
Over 90% of recruited homes agreed to be part of Nielsen’s sample, with particular success in recruiting younger homes, which have historically been difficult to recruit in Puerto Rico.  The 90% acceptance rate is believed to be the highest of all the world’s TV ratings panels, Nielsen noted.

“We are proud that we have built what is arguably the world’s most representative and accurate television panel in Puerto Rico,” said Victor Vazquez, Executive Director Puerto Rico – Media, for The Nielsen Company. “We are committed to providing high quality measurement of what people watch in Puerto Rico and we believe this launch is the beginning of a long and productive relationship with our clients.”

Nielsen has begun providing clients with overnight TV ratings.  It will publicly release the top ten time slots on a monthly basis, by the end of April.