Nielsen Deduplicates Audiences Across Samsung, VIZIO, Roku, Hulu


Nielsen has expanded deduplication of connected TV (CTV) audiences to include new Smart TV original equipment manufacturer (OEM) inventory, a move the ratings measurement company says will allow media buyers and sellers “to obtain accurate, person-level viewership inclusive of co-viewing” across Samsung and VIZIO devices, in addition to Roku, Hulu and “other streaming platforms.”

The expansion, the company says, gives Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) users deduplicated person-level reporting of CTV audiences across leading smart TV OEMs and streaming providers. “Media buyers can better evaluate CTV inventory and unique reach in a comparable and comprehensive manner,” it notes. “Advertisers can now reduce advertising waste and ensure relevant ads are delivered to the right audiences across connected TV devices.”

“This is a critical step toward Nielsen ONE and the movement toward providing comparable and deduplicated metrics across all screens, 24/7 for the marketplace,” said Ameneh Atai, General Manager of Digital Audience Measurement for Nielsen. “Nielsen’s combination of CTV coverage and deduplication with person-level co-viewing leads the industry as streaming grows and represents a larger share of how people consume media.”