Nielsen Finds Ad Exposure, Viewer Behavior Link


Nielsen-CatalinaNielsen and CBS believe they have found a link to advertising and consumer behavior.

Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience has launched Video Ad Explorer, which was shown to predict consumer sales behavior.

“With analysis and feedback on a second by second basis, the results and insights can help optimize ideas and turn good advertising into great advertising,” says Nielsen.

The tool looks at core biometrics, such as heart rate, facial coding, eye-tracking and other ways to improve the ability of ads to drive consumers to action.

Dr. Carl Marci, Chief Neuroscientist for Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience. “By integrating these tools, we’re providing brand teams with a full picture of their consumers’ thinking and emotional response that will create greater confidence and understanding about how their creative will perform.”

In a five-month study with CBS, they found “statistically significant and meaningful relationships between individual neuroscience measures and sales.”