A New ‘Digital Viewability Solution’ Arrives From Nielsen


Persons-level, de-duplicated duration weighted audience measurement of digital campaigns will now be a key trait of Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings thanks to a new “Qualified Ad Audience” solution that sees the integration of Freewheel and Innovid.

With this integration, Nielsen says, “both leading premium video ad servers will be able to provide marketers with greater confidence in their digital advertising and content investments.”

Nielsen’s Qualified Ad Audience solution will offer the ability to evaluate campaign performance in reaching audiences based on the industry viewability standard for display and video advertising.

The solution, Nielsen notes, will provide measurement of audiences at multiple qualifying thresholds with duration-weighted viewable video impressions across computer and mobile.

Additionally, Nielsen’s Qualified Ad Audience will provide “sophisticated invalid traffic filtration that can differentiate between the impressions from the human user and impression generated from malware on the users machine filtration.”

The offering will be available across the company’s digital measurement ratings suite including Digital Ad Ratings and is expected to be incorporated thereafter across Digital Content Ratings and Digital in TV Ratings.

“As brands increase the ad dollars they are putting towards digital, we’ve seen advertisers put a line in the sand demanding greater transparency,” said Amanda Tarpey, SVP of Product Leadership, Digital at Nielsen.“By bringing a persons-based approach to viewability, fraud and key demographics, Nielsen is doubling down in our technology investments to provide greater clarity into how effectively and efficiently brand messages are connecting with digital audiences.”