Nielsen’s Comcast Pacts: Freewheel, NBC O&Os Ink Deals


Nielsen‘s present and future financial success will largely be predicated on two new contracts that involve units of Comcast.

First, the Nielsen Data Management Platform, the consumer data and audience measurement giant’s omnichannel marketing technology, is being integrated into FreeWheel.

As a result, Nielsen says, “Freewheel Markets can now seamlessly analyze, build and target advanced audiences across Connected TV, Over-the-Top and digital video.

The Nielsen DMP and FreeWheel’s server-to-server integration enables delivery of campaign optimizations in real time across all CTV, OTT and digital video channels.

FreeWheel Markets will offer these Nielsen advanced audience building and media activation capabilities through DRIVE – a suite of advanced advertising tools designed to help marketers harness the power of data and measurement to reach consumers across emerging forms of TV.

FreeWheel Publishers in Q4 2018 revealed that it would use Nielsen’s Qualified Ad Audience tool in Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings.

The second deal involving Nielsen and a Comcast unit sees its NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations — comprised of NBC and Telemundo O&Os — and nine NBC Sports Regional Networks adding Nielsen Rhiza consumer insights sales tools and Nielsen Voter Ratings “to enhance the way” the stations and RSNs measure their performance.

“We are doubling-down on measurement tools to help our clients maximize their investment in our stations,” said Frank Comerford, Chief Revenue Officer and President of Commercial Operations for NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations. “Nielsen’s consumer and voter ratings tools are welcome additions to the already robust measurement toolkit we’ve created for our stations, which is helping us create a clear snapshot of the value and reach our NBC and Telemundo stations have with advertisers and consumers, unlike any other TV group in the country.”

Nielsen’s Rhiza consumer insights sales tools allow local TV sales and researchers to explore and visualize their data and insights in a granular way, providing automotive registration by the dealer, make and model.

Rhiza also delivers actionable analytics with one-click insights-on-demand that are personalized by market, sector, and audience.

The platform is powered by Nielsen data, and in addition to voting behavior, also includes data from Nielsen Scarborough and Polk Automotive, to enable the most robust third-party datasets available.

The voter ratings cross-platform tool provides TV and audio voter rating data to stations on a monthly basis, offering scale, coverage and complete representation of all voter and viewer types, including broadcast only and over-the-top homes.

Nielsen Voter Ratings are available in the top 56 markets in the country, and facilitate a better understanding of the media consumption behavior of voters by race, gender and demographic characteristics.