Nielsen has even found a buyer for Kirkus


Although it was shut down in December, The Nielsen Company has now found a buyer for Kirkus Reviews.

Businessman Herb Simon, owner of the NBA Indianapolis Pacers and Chairman Emeritus of the Simon Property Group, the giant shopping mall company, is paying an undisclosed sum for the noted prepublication journal of book reviews.

Under the new ownership, Kirkus Reviews and its associated businesses will operate under the name Kirkus Media and will be led by Marc Winkelman, a book industry veteran and CEO of Calendar Holdings. Kirkus Media will operate as an affiliate of Calendar Holdings, which has retail operations throughout the English-speaking world — the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland.

“I love books and have long subscribed to Kirkus,” Simon said about the decision to buy Kirkus. “With the growth of e-books and e-reading devices, no one can really see the future of publishing. But turmoil like this creates opportunities. At a time when even the definition of a book is changing, my love of books makes me want to be part of the solution for the book publishing industry,” he added.

Kirkus Reviews’ assets include a library of more than 300,000 book reviews and an editorial department capable of creating approximately 5,000 new reviews each year. The publication is known for its established links to librarians and booksellers, who reference Kirkus’ reviews to help guide book-buying decisions. Kirkus was founded in 1933.