Nielsen in deal to measure mobile service quality


The Nielsen Company has entered into an alliance with Carrier IQ to measure the performance of mobile services, networks, and devices. Together, the partners say they will deliver critical insights into the consumer experience of mobile phone and tablet users worldwide, which adhere to Nielsen’s measurement science and privacy standards.

The alliance will leverage Carrier IQ’s technology platform to gather actionable intelligence on the performance of mobile devices and networks. Carrier IQ’s Mobile Intelligence software is currently deployed on more than 150 million devices worldwide. It enables mobile service providers and device manufacturers to solve business and technology issues through the lifecycle and support of devices and networks by delivering mission critical intelligence on how services perform and how devices actually work in the hands of end users. The privately-owned company is based in Mountain View, CA.

“Carrier IQ is already working with mobile operators and device manufacturers around the world to help them improve customer care, device management and network planning and operations,” said Jonathan Carson, GM of Digital at Nielsen. “After an extensive market review, Nielsen chose to work with Carrier IQ to offer a best-in-class solution to set performance benchmarks worldwide and help clients deliver a better mobile experience to their customers.”

Nielsen, of course, has extensive experience measuring mobile service quality from the consumer perspective in the United States and of leveraging surveys, device metering, retail measurement and opt-in consumer panels to understand mobile trends worldwide.

“Nielsen’s service quality performance benchmarks are already the de-facto standard for network optimization and advertising claims in the US. They also have a comprehensive understanding of mobile consumers around the world, derived from years of studying and tracking the market. We are delighted that our technology will add value to their portfolio of mobile solutions,” said Larry Lenhart, CEO of Carrier IQ.