Nielsen issues C3 Commercial Minute rankers for premiere week


Nielsen has issued C3 Commercial Minute rankers for broadcast network primetime shows and specials during premiere week (9/24-9/30). C3 (Live +3 day viewing) represents live viewing of commercials combined with viewing of commercials during 3 days of DVR playback. CBS’s CSI took the cake, with the highest average commercial rating.

Following, in order (Live +3, Persons 2+) were ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, Grey’s Anatomy,  Desperate Housewives and Dancing with the Stars 9/25 Special; Fox’s House, CBS’ Without a Trace, ABC’s Dancing With The Stars Results Special; NBC’s Heroes and Sunday Night Football, CBS’s CSI: Miami, and ABC’s Private Practice.
The good news for the industry is C3 ratings closely parallel live program ratings.

For example, CSI had a live program viewing audience of 23.7 million, and a C3 viewing audience of 23.8. Grey’s Anatomy had 19 million live program viewers and 19.1 C3 viewers.