Nielsen issues final plan on data streams in local markets


Sabrina Crow, Nielsen SVP, Director Local TV Client Services, issued a client communication 11/9 which finalizes plans for replacing Live ratings with a Live + Same Day ratings stream in its local markets. 

It reads:
“On October 13th, Nielsen issued a communication that laid out all the decisions made to date regarding modifying and enhancing the data streams that we make available in local markets. This communication followed the release of Nielsen’s initial recommended plan (sent to clients in early September) as well as a client comment period that lasted for the duration of that month.  For your convenience, a copy of the October 13th communication is attached.

Nielsen has now completed its review of the extensive client feedback we received and we have evaluated reporting options.  Accordingly, we have now finalized the remaining elements of our plan to modify data streams in local markets.  The purpose of this communication is to provide you with the final details of changes that will be implemented in January 2010 in Local People Meter (LPM) and Set Meter markets for both the NSI and NHSI samples.

The new Live + Same Day data stream will be added in LPM and Set Meter markets to our overnight deliverables (Arianna and Local Dailies) and will replace the Live Only data stream.

Total Viewing Sources (TVS) and Electronic Data Files:
The new Live + Same Day data stream will also be added in LPM and Set Meter markets in the TVS and electronic data files.  In LPM markets this will replace the Live Only data stream that is currently produced.  In Set Meter markets the Live + Same Day data stream will be additive as a Live Only data stream is currently not available.  Live + 7 data will be the first file to be delivered to clients after each sweep period, as it is today—approximately 14 days after the close of the measurement period.  The Live + Same Day and Live + 3 TVS data files will follow shortly thereafter. 

Availability of Live Only Data We recognize that some clients want continued access to Live Only data, in particular to understand its relationship to Live + Same Day viewing.  Therefore, we will continue to produce the Live Only and Live + Same Day comparison data (at the individual day level) and will continue to post that data weekly—every Tuesday afternoon by 3:00pm ETZ—to the Local Workspace for all clients. 

Additionally, clients will continue to be able to access Live Only data via the Local Custom Toolbox and custom analyses.  Nielsen’s Local Custom Toolbox provides ratings for nine streams (Live, Live + Same Day, and Live + 1 through Live + 7) at the individual day level.

Insights on DVR Viewing
Many clients have expressed interest in seeing more research on DVR viewing.  Accordingly, we are developing a research paper and presentation that offer substantial insights on DVR viewing.  This research will be made available to all clients by Monday, November 16, 2009.

In Summary
We believe that this final plan for data streams in local markets (as communicated in the October 13th communication and above) represents the best solution for addressing most clients’ needs:

·         A new data stream – Live + Same Day is being created – a need that was strongly articulated by the vast majority of clients.

·         It is being added without increasing the total number of streams reported in overnights and TVS – also important since most clients have been clear that they have reached capacity in terms of the amount of local ratings data they can ingest.

·         Live Only data will still be available in alternate formats for those clients that need access to it. 

All of us at Nielsen would like to thank our clients for the substantive and extensive input we have received over the past few months.  Your thoughtfulness added significantly to the process.

Please contact your Nielsen Client Services representative if you have any questions.”